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Resource for Prospective Collegiate Athletes

College Recruiting & Making Your Decision:
STEP 1: Questions to Ask Yourself

What Are My Athletic Goals?

  • Participation

  • Level of Competition

  • Ability to Contribute and  Travel

  • Is this the appropriate level for your abilities ie. Div 1 vs. Div 2 vs. Div 3.


What Are My Education Goals?

  • Type of Education

  • Level of Education(AA, Bachelors, Masters, Law, Doctorate)

  • What is the Priority(Sport first? Education first? Balance?)

  • Does the school have the academic curriculum that you are interested in?

  • Would you choose this school if you were not playing a collegiate sport?


What Can I Afford?

  • Am I eligible for financial Aid

  • Can I get a scholarship

  • Can you afford this school


Where Do I Want To Live?

  • Proximity to home

  • Climate Preference

  • Life after the sport/college

  • Can you spend four years here?


STEP 2: Research and Correspondence

Know the Rules

  • You cannot accept any gift from the school or anyone affiliated with it.

  • You cannot practice with the team when you are visiting.

  • Read the NCAA Guide for College Bound Athletes.

  • What are the eligibility requirements to participate in a sport?

  • Coaches may not call you until July 1 after your Junior year. You can call or write to them before.


Where Do I think I Want to Go To College?

  • Use a Broad Search.

  • Include Schools that are “challenging”.

  • Include schools that are “fun”.


Do Your Homework

  • Know the School’s admission requirements

  • Know the application process & deadlines

  • Research the team standards, history, records etc

  • Would you be happy with this team?


College Sports Information for the College Bound Athlete


NCAA Educational Resources: Student Athlete


Recruiting Tips Handout:


Recruiting checklist for high school freshman


Recruiting checklist for high school sophomore

Recruiting checklist for high school juniors


Recruiting checklist for high school seniors


Academic Eligibilty:

NCAA Eligibility Center for the College bound Athlete 2018-2019


NCAA Eligibility Center Checklist:


General Collegiate Information:

NCAA-National Collegiate Athletic Organization


NAIA-National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics


NJCAA-National Junior College Athletic Association

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